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Update #55 3/4/14, 8:25pm

By Khaliah, Apr 5 2014 02:46AM

Thanks to the Lord, Khaliah Shaw is healing much faster than expected and will be released from the hospital tomorrow! Initially, they said "maybe Friday," but then she called me this morning and said it would be Wednesday. She is SO ready to get out of here and I'm glad too. I know Grady Hospital WAY more than I ever wanted to! I will have to add another job to my resume; Nurse Mom! I'll have to do her dressing changes (she only has a few areas, but nothing major) LOL, that's ok though, everything will be fine. She still has to build her strength and her skin still has to heal all the way, but I know she will be just fine! Thanks again for everyone's support, cards, contributions, prayers, etc. I SO appreciate everyone.

I said I would update until she went home, so this may be the last update. I'm sure in no time she will be back on FB and can give her own updates. This has been a LONG 7 weeks and there were times when I didn't know how I was going to press on. But God!

While we still don't know the purpose of all of this, I believe it all happened for a reason. I know He wouldn't take Khaliah or I though this for nothing. I still hope that everyone who sees this post will research Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and learn more about it. If this can happen to Khaliah, it can happen to anyone! Know about the medications you are taking and the possible risks associated.

I haven't quite decided yet, but Khaliah would like for me to tell her story. Maybe a movie, maybe a play, maybe a book...who knows, it may be all three. But if I had not lived this myself, I wouldn't have believed it! So you will be seeing and hearing more about this! #teamkhaliah #mybutterfly #readytofly #goinghome #butGod #Heisahealer

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