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Update #50 2/27/14, 9:50pm

By Khaliah, Apr 5 2014 02:40AM

Another great day for Khaliah Shaw! She walked around the whole unit, dancing all the way of course. She's doing very well with her PT and no seizures! She sat at the edge of the bed and had lunch, stood up by herself to hug one of the nurses, and is able to move herself around in her bed. This may not sound like a lot, but last week, she wasn't able to do all of this as well as she can now. She still gets tired easily, but she's building up her strength. Each and every day, she's looking better and better!

Many of her friends and mine have offered to come sit with her to give me a break. That would be great! As much as I hate leaving her, I know I need to get some sleep if I don't do anything else!

If you want to come sit with her for awhile, just inbox, text or call me and let me know when and I'll add it to the calendar.

Also, for visitors, it's probably best if only 1 at a time visit. I've noticed that she is extremely tired when there's more than that, especially if they stay for a long time. She fights going to sleep until she just can't take it any more, then she's very tired. It may also take awhile for her to get all of her energy back.

Thanks to the man upstairs, she's continues to be on the road to recovery. I just thank God EVERYDAY because this could have turned out so much different. The two young men in the rooms on either side of her are very, very ill and fighting for their lives. I feel so bad for them and their families. While Khaliah is making huge strides and getting better, they are praying that their sons make it through the night. While I want to celebrate, it's hard seeing them so worried and sad. But I understand. I know what it's like.

Time for butterfly is sleeping. She'll be mad she missed it! #teamkhaliah #mybutterfly #gettingbetterdaily #itsallbecauseofHim

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