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Prior to SJS/TEN, Khaliah was a vibrant, independent, self-sufficient graduate student.  She lived on her own, worked two jobs, was an aspiring photographer and had just started her 2nd semester of grad school.  Since SJS/TEN, she has endured many challenges--one of them being financial.  


While recovering, Khaliah has moved back home with her family and has been unable to return to work or live on her own.  Being the fighter that she is, she attempted to return to grad school the summer of 2014, only to  drop out after a few weeks due to her medical issues.  Her vision was severly affected by SJS/TEN and she continues to suffer from various medical conditions.


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We need your help!   Make a contribution to help with Khaliah's recovery.  This fund was created to assist with Khaliah's medical and living expenses while she recovers from SJS/TEN.  Let's help her get past this and on to recovery!  

The Khaliah Shaw Fund

Bank of America

c/o Monique D. Shaw

Acct# 334000426759

Zip Code: 30039

Contributions may be made at any Bank of America or through